This game was made for Ludum Dare 44. 72 hour Jam. My first attempt at any type of GameJam.

You play as a young gent who goes off in search of a lost loved one. The journey alone costs dearly, but as you reach the end of the game, you realise there might be something more sinister going on.

I guess it's somewhat like a 2D walking simulation, with the narrative happening as you walk around. Sadly with the time constrains I wasn't able to add in all the story elements I wanted to. So it's a bit choppy. And there are a few bugs, which I will fix in a later release. I feel the story deserves a little TLC before I put it to bed!

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the jellybean counter not resetting
Fixed issue with colliders
Fixed missing transitions issue

Anyhow... I hope you enjoy it.


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the game doesn't seem to respond very well to E press  

Collect em up with nice art and a narrative with quite a chilling end :0