I found this Ludum Dare 47 theme a tricky one! Leading up to this LDJAM I had an idea of what I was going to do, which isn't my normal plan of attack... regardless, the pre planned idea didn't fit at all with the theme! So instead I've made a game loosely based on an Adventure Time episode called Dungeon Train. You are stuck in an infinite loop traveling through the train carriages. Each time you progress forwards, the enemies get a little bit harder.

I had a lot of things planned, such as an inventory, changeable armour, lots more scenery etc... but you know... time!

Biggest thing I would like to have sorted out was to make the enemies only see you if they are facing you. They currently have eyes in the back of their heads!

Move: A,D - left and right arrow keys
Jump: W - up arrow key
Attack: Space

Health potions restore 20% of you health. If you health is full, they will give you some experience.

Experience effects your attack power. And your health increases as you progress through the carriages.

There is a lack of balance... you have been warned!

Hope you enjoy it :D

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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AuthorOdd Socks
TagsLudum Dare 47, Trains
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loop-train-win.zip 21 MB
Version 2 Oct 06, 2020


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Funny, I've also thought about a game inspired by that very same episode! I got to carriage 12 :D love the "death" animation


Cheers buddy. I feel like it’s a really great idea for a game. If done properly it would be great fun. Might add it to my ‘games I’ll never get around to making’ list!

Well done for getting to 12. The enemies attack increases exponentially, another thing I should have fixed before I ran out of time.

I went with a surrender animation to try to break away from the obvious for once. I think it worked quite well. 

I have one of those lists too! Ah well, it's the nature of the jam to only make a prototype. Unless you're one of these completely insane people who make full games in three days!