A downloadable Clicker Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Socks... the original idle sock game... involving socks

An idle game no one asked for

A game made to fill a hole in the market... that did not exist.

A game developed for iOS, released on WebGL,
then quickly re-released as stand alone

A game so intense, the sound had to be removed for your own safety

A game so big, it won't fit within your display properly

This is Socks... the idle sock game... involving socks

The issue with size is now fixed :D   You can also zoom back to the larger size if you happen to have a 4K screen . Alternatively, keep it tiny so your co-workers won’t even know you're not working.

The game itself is pretty simple. Click to earn money. Spend money on upgrades and auto clicking. Rinse and repeat! 

There is a lot of balancing issues, but with this being a Ludum Dare entry, I just didn’t have the time to get it sorted. I’ll be working on it though. 

Hope you enjoy it :)


socks-osx.zip 36 MB
Version 4 Oct 08, 2019
socks-linux.zip 20 MB
Version 4 Oct 08, 2019
socks-win.zip 27 MB
Version 4 Oct 08, 2019


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Socks Feedback:

- Could not find any socks? I looked everywhere!
- Now with more clicking!
- I found that the height of the game window was much to small for my monitor
- Sound FX were on point!
- Later, I found no bugs - only socks
- 16/16 out of a possible 16 16s x 2.

(Joking of course) <--------
I really love clickers and this one is really cool and I love the satire in your description here in itch.  Made me giggle.
Love your work - Awesome LD GameJam Entry!

Haha. Cheers JW. The satire here might be the best part of my LD45 entry!

I also love clickers, really going to try hard to fix the balancing, add more art, and add the upgrades screen I had planned - then release on iOS and Android. Would love to have a mobile app floating around out there :D

I fixed the sizing issue btw!

Nice - i'll give it a try - I clicked a lot - I mean a lot - and didn't make enough money - I bet you learned a lot too.  I always love gamejams as I learn a lot by being forced to a short timeline - Good Fun -